Why is Frugality Enchanting?

Why is Frugality Enchanting?

By Kriti Jain, Head of Finance, MTX Group Inc.


There are times when our purpose in life is solely to spend. Of course, what is life if we cannot spend on luxury? It is common for us to have this thought, and there is nothing wrong with it; it’s just the timing which is important.


Do you have this thought after you have achieved your purpose? Or is it when you are getting comfortable with life?


While working in a startup company, the common thread that binds us all is the passion to make the business a success. That passion ignites within us, resulting in hard work, innovation, and a feeling of community. When you are so focused in life, you would never even consider if the coffee you are drinking is instant or French-pressed Colombian, all you would care about is if the coffee can help you work that extra mile. That’s where the enchantress, frugality, kicks in. It wouldn’t matter to you if people see you in an Armani suit or wearing a Rado, your frugality on display will be enough for someone to know that you are the designer of your life. It is about living the life that matters most to YOU, not the life that matters most to someone else.


We tend to think of frugality as depriving ourselves, but in reality it is about learning to be more mindful, practical, and resourceful. It’s a small shift in mindset that comes with a huge impact on your financial stability. Doesn’t it make good sense to cut back on the things that aren’t important to us, in order to save for what is? Startups makes you responsible, more reliable, and empowers your inner self to become a leader; when you are recognized for your good performance, what you are wearing won’t really matter. What truly matters is how you achieved it.


Youth generally spend most of their time on shopping sites or searching for nice places to visit. Think what it would be like if we invest all that extra time in self growth. How productive those hours would be if we spend them in evolving ourselves into a better learner or if we focus ourselves in seizing the opportunity which is coming our way? If we bring positiveness in our attitude, we start to look at the things in a simple way. And, as they say, simple is BEST.


Be frugal. Be humble. Show gratitude. These are virtues which a startup will demand from you. Be in love with your life. Savour every minute of it. Explore more and appreciate the little things coming your way.


At MTX, we believe in spending where it’s needed and giving to the community by doing charity. Support the good cause and become a better version of yourself!

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